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Subject: YOPY Development Kit Sale Notice
From: gmate
Date: 10 Jan 2001 08:54:43 -0000

Title: YOPY Development Kit Sale
Dear Sir or Ma'am,

We, G.Mate, have developed Linux PDA in Korea and start to sell YDK (YOPY Development Kit) to people who develop and advocate Linux. YOPY Development Kit(YDK-1000) will be sold through the on-line format of G.Mate's website (www.gmate.co.kr) from Jan. 21, 2001.
This will be able to activate the development of applied programs and to enlarge Linux environment with enthusiastic works of the Linux supporters and the developers.
YDK-1000 includes not only YOPY device itself, but also YOPY software development environment and Linux source package solution.     
The sale price is US$790.00, not including the shipping charge. We will do our best to have Linux environment developed and expanded further by sharing Linux PDA solution G.Mate has developed with the developers and by giving them opportunities to apply their creative and invaluable ideas to Linux PDA. We really appreciate continuous interest and help of many Linux lovers and developers.

     Thanks and Best Regards





3F, Kyundong Bldg. 4-4, Suenae-Dong, Pundang-Ku Sungnam-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea