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Subject: Become more Sexually Attractive
From: rhona wright
Date: 14 Jan 2005 01:16:49 -0000

Works like magic on women

Your pheromones are working great! Thanks so much! I'll definitely be
buying more!"    Tina, Norway 

The Washington Post: Sniffing out human pheromones. Scientists have found
long-sought proof that people release potent chemical signals that can have
profound effects on other people.

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But the boy made a mighty spring and caught the Turk by his foot, clinging
to it with desperate tenacity, while they both mounted steadily upward until
they were far above the city of the desert. The big Turk screamed pitifully
at first, and then actually fainted away from fright
Rob was much frightened, on his part, for he knew if his hands slipped from
their hold he would fall to his death

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