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Subject: RE: get some of the action
From: frances clark
Date: 16 Jan 2005 08:31:16 -0000

Immediately catch the attention of Women

What a STEAL! I honestly still can't believe what a deal you guys offer -
Your perfume will always be one of my favorite products just for the value
alone, but the Swept Away I just ordered has literally changed my life! I
can now honestly tell you that I have FINALLY met the woman of my dreams!
Thank for offering a legitimate, honest product!   Mark L, Cedar Grove, NJ

The Washington Post: Sniffing out human pheromones. Scientists have found
long-sought proof that people release potent chemical signals that can have
profound effects on other people.

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The rails were lined with officers and men straining their eyes for the
first sight of their beloved VATERLAND after a long foreign cruise, and a
ringing cheer, as from a thousand throats, came faintly to Rob's ear. Again
the scene changed, and within a dingy, underground room, hemmed in by walls
of stone, and dimly lighted by a flickering lamp, a body of wild-eyed,
desperate men were plighting an oath to murder the Emperor and overthrow his
Anarchists? asked Rob, trembling with excitement

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